Jury statements 2023


Children’s Jury Award for "Dancing Queen" by Aurora Gossé

"Over the last few days, we have watched the films "Rosa and the Stone Troll", "Titina", "Dancing Queen", "Nelly Rapp 2" and "It's always been me". All films convinced us in their own way and therefore we thank everyone who made it possible for us to see these beautiful films. But there was one film we particularly liked as it is suitable for both adults and children of different ages. We were most impressed by the acting of the children and the integration of music and choreography. Despite the important and serious topics, such as ideals of beauty and the pressure to compete, we had a lot of fun watching the film. The balance between the more depressing and humorous scenes was well done. That's why our prize this year goes to the film "Dancing Queen" by Aurora Gossé."

Children’s Jury

Youth Jury Award for "Paradise Is Burning" by Mika Gustafson

"After a week of watching 9 movies and discussing our different opinions, we finally decided what movie we like the most – even though the decision was not easy. There were a lot of aspects that convinced us: The dynamic between the characters, the acting, the humour, the sense of freedom and the joy of life. In addition to that we think the movie was really touching. Therefore the Youth Jury Award goes to "Paradise Is Burning" by Mika Gustafson."

Youth Jury

Children’s and Youth Film Award for "Listen Up!" by Kaveh Tehrani

"The Children’s and Youth Film Jury awards its prize to a film that manages to be socially relevant without being preachy, emotional without being cheesy, and dignified in a highly undignifed manner. With great hilarity, the film reflects the culture of „the other“ back to us and in doing so makes us realise that there is no other. There is just us. The film gives us hope. We want to thank the filmmakers for the great gift of coming together in a movie theatre watching a film that makes us laugh and cry."

Children’s and Youth Film Award Jury

Nordic & Baltic Short Film Prize for "George-Peterland "by Christer Wahlberg and Sebastian Rudolph Jensen

"Our special mention goes to a short film that catapults us into the realms of alienation, social and ecological disconnection. A work meeting on the one hand and a children playground on the other, coming together around a dying seagull: "Fár" by Gunnur Martinsdóttir. 

Using references from video games, literature and TV series, the two swedish directors take us to the end of an utopia that reveals the pitfalls of any arbitrary system. A film that looks at the construction and implementation of opressive social mechanisms. We are delighted to present the Best Short Film Award to "George-Peterland" by Christer Wahlberg and Sebastian Rudolph Jensen."

Nordic & Baltic Short Film Jury

CineStar Prize for "*(in)visible Night" by Iwidobo Kollektiv

"This short film deserves an honorable mention for its sensitive portrayal of the inner conflicts that can arise when two people plan their first intimate experiences together. This film initiates an important discussion about the significance of love and acceptance in every relationship. The honorable mention goes to 'What We Want' / 'Of Kisses and Capes' by Eléna Weiss.

This mysterious narrative invites us to explore our own thoughts and feelings and discover the essence of self-empowerment. We are transported into the twilight, where three young individuals strive for visibility. Alongside the protagonists, we lose and find ourselves in the poetic imagery, which lingers long after and opens up diverse spaces for interpretation. The Cine Star Prize goes to "*(in)visible Night" by Iwidobo Kollektiv."

CineStar Prize Jury

Documentary Film Prize for "Mrs Hansen & The Bad Companions" by Jella Bethmann

"The jury of the DGB District North honours a documentary film that paints the picture of a generous woman. She turned her house into a refuge for people on the margins of society. Compassion, care and practical help were a matter of course for her."

Jury of the DGB District North

Baltic Film Prize for a Nordic Feature Film for "The Quiet Migration" by Malene Choi

"The jury of the Baltic Film Prize awards a film that combines reality and imagination into a one of a kind universe affirming in a quiet and compelling way that the main human need is the need of belonging and love."

Baltic Film Prize Jury

Interfilm Church Prize for "Paradise Is Burning" by Mika Gustafson

"They live in involuntary anarchy and their living conditions are precarious and chaotic. In order to survive, they create their own small community and invent rituals that create a sense of belonging and try to overcome the chaos. For the Interfilm jury, this film shows that rituals are part of the immanent human condition and deminish the vulnerability of life."

Interfilm Church Prize Jury

Audience Prize of the Lübecker Nachrichten for "Let the River Flow" by Ole Giæver

"The audience jury of the Lübecker Nachrichten awards the prize to a film that stuck with us. It sheds light on a cultural identity that still fights for its right to exist today. At the same time, the film remains personal and intimate."

Audience Prize of the Lübecker Nachrichten Jury

NDR Film Prize for "Family Time" by Tia Kouvo

"The jury of the NDR Film Prize honours a film that tells the story of a family and its abysses with precision and humour. The director succeeds in doing this masterfully with an astonishing maturity and emotional depth that moved us deeply. She also impressed us with her consistent visual language. At the same time, she never loses her loving eye for the finely drawn characters."

NDR jury