When it gets dark, Nosferatu appears in the Lübeck salt warehouse

Starting April 30th, always at sunset
Lübecker Salzspeicher, An der Obertrave / Holstenstraße, right beside Holstentor

Lübeck, April 27, 2023. From Sunday, April 30, 2023, the Nosferatu window in the Lübeck salt warehouses will commemorate the horror classic by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau all year round. Originally only planned as a homage to mark the 100th anniversary of “Nosferatu”, the installation will now allow one of the most famous scenes in film history to be experienced again night after night at the place where it was created.

Thomas Hailer, artistic director of the Nordic Film Festival Lübeck, is pleased with the positive reception of the campaign at the last festival: “After the installation was shut down in November, the inquiries never stopped. Now Lübeck’s contribution to the history of world cinema will receive a permanent monument just in time for Walpurgis Night.”

Many scenes in the film, which celebrated the 100th anniversary of its premiere last year, were shot in northern Germany in the early 1920s. Filming took place in Lübeck, among other places, and artists from the Lübeck City Theater took part in the film about the Count from the Carpathians. The close-up of Nosferatu on the window is legendary; film enthusiasts have always made a pilgrimage to the historic salt deposits on the Obertrave. After Count Orlok – Nosferatu – falls madly in love with the image of a young woman, he sets out on the arduous journey from his homeland to the Baltic Sea coast in the fictional town of Wisborg. Once there, Nosferatu takes up residence in the city's harbor in order to be close to his beloved and to watch her with a fixed gaze from the window of the attic where his coffin was placed.

Conception and execution: Hank Irwin Kittel

With supoort of Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung, Heick & Schmaltz GmbH, Lübeck Management e.V. and Kulturbüro Hansestadt Lübeck.