Hohe Kunst aufs platte Land - Die Kunsthalle Rostock

Hohe Kunst aufs platte Land - Die Kunsthalle RostockHigh Art, Flat Land - The Kunsthalle Rostock

Filmforum, Germany 2020, 110 Min., ger. OF

The Art Hall in Rostock was a political hot potato from the moment it was founded. The decision to build a new art museum was made at the highest level of the East German Council of Ministers in 1964, and it opened five years later. Planned as a representative space for contemporary art, it was hoped it would help East Germany break out of its international isolation. As a result, abstract art that was officially rejected by the authorities was regularly shown here as part of the Baltic Biennales. The Art Hall developed into a crowd puller, but remained politically contested behind the scenes. The fall of the Berlin Wall opened up new perspectives and created new problems … The film uses interviews and archival material to examine the fifty years of the Art Hall, while reflecting upon the political power of art and presenting the challenges of running a modern museum.

Director Jörg Herrmann

Screenplay Jörg Herrmann

Producer Thomas Simon

Cast Norbert Bisky, Michael Morgner, Prof. Klaus Staeck, Dierk Engelken, Christof Kraft, Dr. Uwe Neumann, Maik Buttler, Elke Neumann, Dr. Horst Zimmermann,Heike Heilmann, Dr. Klaus Tiedemann, Dr. Luise Hartmann

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