Are We Lost Forever

Are We Lost Forever

Competition Narrative Films, Sweden 2020, 103 Min., sw., dan. OV, ger. st, FSK: ab 16 Jahren

It isn’t the first time that Hampus threatens to move out of the flat he shares with his fiancé Adrian during an argument. But this time he really means it – he’s been hurt and disappointed by Adrian far too many times. After amicably dividing up their common possessions, the more difficult part of their separation begins. While Adrian seeks comfort and forgetting in superficial encounters with acquaintances, Hampus suffers greatly from the pain of separation. Against his better judgement, he once again gets involved with his narcissistic ex-lover. And even when both eventually find new partners, Adrian cannot forget his great love … Inspired by Ingmar Bergman’s “Scenes from a Marriage”, David Färdmar’s debut feature presents “scenes of separation”, drawing the audience directly into the emotional conflicts of its protagonists.

Director David Färdmar

Screenplay David Färdmar

Producer Lis Svensson Brandberg, David Färdmar, Casper Andreas

Production Company Färdmars Film, Godhemsgatan 60 B, 41468 Göteborg, Mail: , Web:

World Sales Films Boutique GmbH, Köpenicker Str. 184, 10997 Berlin, Mail:, Web:

Distributor Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH, Prinzessinenstr. 29, 10969 Berlin, Mail:, Web:

Cast Jonathan Andersson (Hampus), Björn Elgerd (Adrian), Micki Stoltt (Rasmus), Nemanja Stojanovic (Julian)


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