Children´s and Youth Films, The Netherlands / Sweden 2018, 86 Min., dutch, engl., sw. OV, engl. st, ger. voice over, 9 years and older

Bruno is nine and an inveterate video gamer, with a favourite avatar called Taiki who he guides through virtual world. Among other reasons, to try to break Bruno’s Internet addiction, his parents plan a family vacation with Bruno and his younger sister to far-off Sweden. But during the long drive, the siblings start to fight and the classic parental threat to leave Bruno by the side of the country road suddenly becomes a reality for the boy. The parents must rely on friendly Swedes to try to stem the consequences of their negligence. Meanwhile Bruno wanders through the forest, where he is befriended by a wolfhound who becomes his guide to the IRL wilderness … “Taiki” is the entertaining story of how a young boy is personally tested in the analogue world. The fact that his parents are forced to learn a thing or two as well makes this a fun film for the whole family.

Director Mirjam de With

Screenplay Karin van der Meer

Producer Annemieke van Vliet

Production Company Fiction Valley, Mail: info@fictionvalley.nl, Web: www.fictionvalley.nl

World Sales Dutch Features, Mail: jacqueline@dutchfeatures.com, Web: www.dutchfeatures.com

Distributor KSM GmbH, Mail: info@ksmfilm.de, Web: www.ksmfilm.de

Cast Pepijn van der Sman (Bruno), Jennifer Hoffman (Linda), Tibor Lukács (Chiel), Linde van der Storm (Frankie), Aus Greidanus (Baartman), Camilla Larsson (Evelins Mutter), Nadja Christiansson (Evelin)


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