Luodi fábmu

Luodi fábmuDie Kraft des Joik / Power of Yoik

Competition Documentaries, Finland / Great Britain / Norway / Sweden 2018, 57 Min., sami, finn., norw. OV, engl. st

The yoik, the traditional Sami form of song, can evoke many things. The grandfather of Ingá-Máret Gaup-Juuso, a young singer and reindeer herder, thanks a yoik for his friendship with Urho Kekkonen. During his term of office (1956-1981), the former Finnish president spent many a ski vacation in the Sami region and was committed to protecting their interests, with film footage to document that. A lot has changed in Finnish Lapland since then. Snowmobiles thunder across the snow and many Norwegians have built their weekend houses here. Both things have a negative effect on reindeer husbandry, the traditional economic mainstay of the Sami and therefore on their way of life … In renowned director Paul-Anders Simma’s documentary, the personal and the political, the historical and the topical combine into a survey of Sami life in the era of climate change.

Director Paul-Anders Simma

Screenplay Beatrix Woods

Producer Beatrix Woods

Production Company Saamifilmi Oy / Safi Oy, Mail:, Web:

Cast Ingá-Máret Gaup-Juuso


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