Tatort: Borowski und das Glück der Anderen

Tatort: Borowski und das Glück der AnderenCrime Scene – Borowski And the Luck of Other People

Filmforum, Germany 2018, 90 Min., inclusive Version

Motivated by curiosity, super market cashier Peggy Stresemann looks into the windows of the fancy house next-door, where the married couple Victoria and Thomas Dell are dancing of joy. Apparently, they won the big prize in the lottery! A whole world collapses for Peggy: Why are her husband Micha and she never that lucky? And why is Micha still so goddamn content and happy! Eaten up by envy, Peggy develops a surprising amount of criminal energy when her neighbours apparently take their sweet time cashing in their winnings. She secretly gains access to the neighbouring house, planning to steal the lottery ticket when she in turn is surprised by the man of the house. Shortly afterwards, inspector Borowski and his colleague Mila Sahin discover a horrific sight at the crime scene. Thomas Dell lies blood covered on the marital bed and his wife seems to be the main suspect.

Director Andreas Kleinert

Screenplay Sascha Arango

Producer Kerstin Ramcke

Cast Axel Milberg (Klaus Borowski), Almila Bagriacik (Mila Sahin), Thomas Kügel (Roland Schladitz), Anja Antonowicz (Gerichtsmedizinerin), Katrin Wichmann (Peggy Stresemann)

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