Ābols upē

An Apple in the RiverĀbols upē / Ein Apfel im Fluss

Retrospective, Latvia 1974, 75 Min., lat. OV, engl. st

Janka works at the shipyard in Riga. He lives on Zaķusala, “Hare Island”, with its small houses and gardens, all old and cosy. Janka takes the ferry across the Daugava River. Then he meets Anita. The two laugh and dance and swim together. Until Anita disappears. Janka sets out to look for her… “An Apple in the River” was begun as a documentary in 1971, and finished as a narrative film in 1974, after two acting students improvised scenes to supplement the documentary footage. The result of this unique experiment is a true-to-life love story, fluctuating between gaiety and melancholy, set against the authentic background of radical changes to Riga’s cityscape and the “redevelopment” of Zaķusala. The film today is officially counted among Latvia’s cultural heritage.

Director Aivars Freimanis

Screenplay Aivars Freimanis

Cast Akvelīna Līvmane (Anita), Ivars Kalniņš (Janka)

Trailer n.v.

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