Morten Lollide laeval

Captain Morten and the Spider QueenMorten Lollide laeval / Käpt'n Morten und die Spinnenkönigin

Children´s and Youth Films, Estonia / Ireland / Belgium / Great Britain 2018, 78 Min., engl. version, ger. Voice Over, 6 years and older

Morten’s life is not easy. His father is off on the high seas most of the time, so the ten-year-old has to live with café owner Annabelle, a strict taskmistress. When the café floods after a leak in the pipes and Morten is shrunk down to the size of an insect by an Italian cockroach, he sets out on an adventurous sail in his miniature ship across the vast swathe of water. The figures Morten encounters on his travels are oddly reminiscent of the ones he had to deal with when he was normal size, except they appear as insects – first and foremost Annabelle in the shape of a spider queen. This wonderfully visual stop motion film virtually teems with droll ideas and, with a love of detail, brings a sparkle to each and every one of the numerous minor characters.

Director Kaspar Jancis

Screenplay Kaspar Jancis

Producer Kerdi Oengo

Cast Cian O'Dowd (Morten), Brendan Gleeson (Viks), Pauline McLynn (Annabelle), Ciarán Hinds (Stinger), Michael McElhatton (Felix)


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