TurpinājumsFortsetzung folgt / To Be Continued

Competition Documentaries, Latvia 2018, 97 Min., latv., russ. OV, engl. st

This is his first film with children, as director Ivars Seleckis – himself an amazing 84 years old – points out at the beginning of “To Be Continued”. Which makes it even more astounding how easily the camera manages to get close to the young subjects. The children and their families behave completely normally, as if the camera weren’t even there. So the film needs just a few sequences to set up our perception of Kãrlis, Glebs, Zane, Anete, and Anastasija and their strong wills. Taken together, a picture emerges of what it means to be a child and to go to school these days – in Latvia and beyond. The renowned documentarian has followed a group of people over years before, in his “Crossroad Street” series of films. “To be Continued” is planned as the first in a similar series.

Director Ivars Seleckis

Producer Antra Gaile, Gints Grübe

Cast Anastasija, Anete, Glebs, Kãrlis, Zane


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