Lykke-PerPer im Glück / A Fortunate Man

Specials, Denmark / Austria 2018, 162 Min., dan., ger. OV, ger. st

Ambitious young Peter grows up as the son of a hard-line preacher in the far reaches of the Jutland peninsula. As the 19th century looms, he moves to bustling Copenhagen to study engineering, where he hopes to find support for his brilliant plan to supply Denmark’s energy needs in the future. In the big city, he falls in love with Jakobe, the withdrawn daughter of a wealthy Jewish merchant. But is it really love? Master director Bille August has tackled one of the most influential coming-of-age novels in Danish literature with “Lucky Per” (re-issued as “A Fortunate Man”). The life story of Per Sidenius reflects the perpetual struggle in the Danish soul between provincial life and delusions of grandeur. The film is an enthralling historical diorama with outstanding performances, strong camerawork, and elegant staging that creates a powerful link between Henrik Pontoppidan’s novel and the challenges facing Europe today.

Director Bille August

Screenplay Bille August, Anders August nach einem Roman von Henrik Pontoppidan

Producer Thomas Heinesen, Karin Trolle

Cast Esben Smed Jensen (Per), Katrine Greis-Rosenthal (Jakobe), Benjamin Kitter (Ivan), Julie Christiansen (Nanny)


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