PojkarnaGirls Lost

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden 2015, 106 Min., swed. OV, engl. st, 12 years and older

Kim, Momo and Bella are 14 and when the school bell rings in the morning, they feel nothing but fear. Day after day, the boys in their class humiliate them and the rituals they’ve developed to bolster each other’s confidence don’t really help. Then one night, the girls drink the nectar of a strange flower and they can’t believe their eyes – suddenly they have boys’ bodies! People now treat them completely differently ... until the next morning when the magic wears off. While Momo and Bella soon find the nightly game of playing a different sex pretty taxing, Kim feels as if she’s finally torn away a mask she’s always worn. And her new body attracts the attention of Tony. The film is based on the book of the same name by Jessica Schiefauer, which was honoured as Sweden’s children’s book of the year in 2011.

Director Alexandra-Therese Keining

Screenplay Alexandra-Therese Keining

Cast Tuva Jagell / Emrik Öhlander (Kim), Louise Nyvall / Alexander Gustavsson (Momo), Wilma Holmén / Vilgot O. Vesterlund (Bella), Mandus Berg (Tony), Filip Vester (Jesper)

Website www.gotafilm.se/?production=pojkarnagirls-lost


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