Operasjon Arktis

Operasjon ArktisOperation Arktis / Operation Arctic

Children´s and Youth Films, Norway 2014, 89 Min., German commentary, 8 years and older

Julia is 13 and the twins Ida and Sindre are eight when they move house with their mother. Their father works as a pilot far away in southern Norway and the children won’t see him again until Christmas. When Ida and Sindre discover a hole in the fence around the local airfield, Julia can’t stop them, so there’s nothing for it but to join them in stowing away on a helicopter in the hopes of reaching their dad. But the helicopter is called to an emergency and changes course. The three children are left stranded on a tiny island in the northern Arctic Ocean and nobody knows where they are. Suddenly they have to come to grips with snowstorms, hungry polar bears and dwindling supplies. Will they manage to get a message out to home? Based on the children’s book by Leif Hamre, the film showcases impressive landscape and animal cinematography.

Director Grethe Bøe-Waal

Screenplay Grethe Bøe-Waal

Cast Kaisa Gurine Antonsen (Julia), Ida Leonora V. Eike (Ida), Leonard V. Eike (Sindre), Nicolai C. Broch (Vater), Line Verndal (Mutter)

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