Stille hjerte

Stille hjerteSilent Heart

Specials, Denmark 2014, 98 Min., dan. OV, engl. st

Esther keeps dropping things, from a brandy snifter to a tube of lipstick. She suffers from the nervous system disorder ALS and will soon lose all her remaining muscle strength. By Christmas, she will be too debilitated to celebrate normally. So she makes the decision to die. For one final weekend, the family plans to come together and say their goodbyes – and enjoy all their holiday traditions early. Afterwards, Esther’s husband Poul is to administer a medical cocktail that will end her life. But for her two daughters, the choreographed farewell devolves into an emotional crisis. For Sanne, the experience re-opens old wounds. Meanwhile, her older sister Heidi is seized by a suspicion that calls her whole childhood into question. A skilfully acted drama illustrating how tough a final farewell can prove to be when the time actually comes.

Director Bille August

Screenplay Christian Torpe

Cast Ghita Nørby (Esther), Paprika Steen (Heidi), Danica Curcic (Sanne), Morten Grunwald (Poul), Pilou Asbæk (Dennis), Jens Albinus (Michael)


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