FúsiVirgin Mountain

Competition Narrative Films, Iceland 2015, 94 Min., iceland. OV, engl. st, FSK 12

He’s a bear of a man and at work, Fúsi squeezes his colossal body into a small truck and transports luggage across the airfield to the planes. Yet he’s a shy and vulnerable man and, at 40, he’s still living with his mother. His colleagues ridicule him for still being a virgin. And when he makes friends with an eight-year-old girl, he becomes an object of suspicion. But when Fusi's mother and her boyfriend give him line dancing classes for his birthday, his routine is disrupted. In class, he meets the vivacious Sjöfn, who – against all odds – wants to get close to him. Then Fúsi realises that she, too, harbours a damaged soul deep inside. Dagur Kári’s film is the story of two outsiders cautiously approaching each other, told not as a fairy tale, but in many quiet, very realistic scenes, and with an ambiguous ending.

Director Dagur Kári

Screenplay Dagur Kári

Cast Gunnar Jónsson (Fúsi), Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir (Sjöfn), Sigurjón Kjartansson (Mördur), Arnar Jónsson (Rolf)

Website www.icelandicfilms.info/films/nr/1547


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