Pokalbiai rimtomis termonis

Conversations on Serious TopicsPokalbiai rimtomis termonis / Gespräche über ernste Themen

Documentary, Lithuania 2012, 65 Min.

It turns out that they are highly capable of describing the world in which they live: sometimes in a melancholy way, sometimes light-heartedly, sometimes dramatically. Their accounts touch on loneliness, love, interpersonal relationships, God and the world as a whole.The film does without any distrcting background imagery or props, concentrating entirely on its protagonists as they choose their words: “You don’t believe in God? I can teach you how to start believing…” Giedre Beinoriuté: “This film is an experiment. I wanted to film as little and as attentively as possible that I wouldn’t miss a single tiny detail of the body language. I refused to film any action on purpose to concentrate on this mysterious mind travel from one eyebrow to another, from chin to eye…”

Director Giedre Beinoriuté

Screenplay Giedre Beinoriuté


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