WolfmanHukkamies / Auf den Spuren der Wölfe

Documentary, Finland 2013, 75 Min.

In 1998 Seppo Ronkainen took on a job that had previously been unheard of in Finland. He was to capture wolves to band them. Henceforth transmitters allowed whole packs of wolves to be tracked, their habits to be studied and their environments to be mapped. Seppo Ronkainen has documented his everyday outdoor working life throughout 14 years, with the help of a video camera given to him by director Juha Suonpää. The footage has now been edited into a unique film. It depicts the beneficial encounters of man and a species that is dangerous for dogs and sheep while still endangered itself. Seppo knows all of the animals' names and their lineage; others hunt the untamed creatures that he considers to be sensitive and intelligent.

Director Juha Suonpää

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