Metsän tarina

Tale of a ForestMetsän tarina / Eine Geschichte vom Wald

Documentary, Finland 2012, 75 Min., 6 years and older

Shooting took almost eight years, providing a total of 20 hours of film footage: The directors spared no cost to capture the Finnish forest flora and fauna throughout all four seasons for the cinema screen. It was worth it: “The Tale of the Forest” proved to be a box office hit and the most successful Finnish documentary film of all times. Overwhelmingly beautiful images, inclusing close-ups and slow motion sequences, unveil the magic of the mostly untouched nature in northern Finland's primeval forests. Besides presenting its inhabitants - such as bears, moose, snakes, owls, lynxes, rare birds and flying squirrels - the film also introduces the mythological dimensions of their environments by reporting on the elves and nature sprites that supposedly used to live in these areas.

Director Ville Suhonen, Kim Saarniluoto

Screenplay Ville Suhonen, Kim Saarniluoto

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