MetalheadMálmhaus / Metalhead

Feature Films, Iceland / Norway 2013, 97 Min.

The band Black Sabbath recorded their first album in 1970, thereby creating a new musical genre: heavy metal. It is also the year that Hera Karlsdóttir is born on the cow stable floor on her parents' farm. She enjoys an unburdened childhood north of Reykjyvik - until she is twelve years old and witnesses her brother Baldur's death in an accident with a combine harvester. Hera is overcome by feelings of guilt. Not only does she begin to take on Baldur's taste in music, but also his choice of heavy metal clothing. She practices the guitar in the cow stable, possibly in the hope of becoming a rock star. But in actual fact the music serves to drown out her sorrow ... In this touching and consoling film, Ragnar Bragason tells a tale of rebellion against growing up, and of the hope of ever possible new beginnings.

Director Ragnar Bragason

Screenplay Ragnar Bragason

Cast Thorbjörg Helga D rfjörd (Hera), Halldóra Geirhar sdóttir (Mutter), Ingvar Eggert Sigur sson (Vater), Thröstur Leó Gunnarsson (Gunnar)


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