• Nordic Film Days Lübeck Welcomes 150 Filmmakers from Scandinavia, the Baltic Region and Northern Germany

    About 150 filmmakers from Scandinavia, the Baltic Region and Northern Germany are presenting their latest productions in person at the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck from 2nd to 6th November. More

  • Blue Hour – Festival Talks at the Nordic Film Days Lübeck

    International stars and filmmakers close enough to raise one’s glass to: As part of its supporting programme, Nordic Film Days Lübeck invites well-known directors and actors to participate in discussions at the bar. In cooperation with NDR presenters, the audience is given the opportunity to discuss cinema experiences, deepen the study of their favourite film or listen to anecdotes of film shoots. More

  • Nordic Film Days Lübeck present a new festival DVD edition

    Following a first edition in 2009, the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck present a new festival DVD edition in cooperation with the DVD label good!movies, featuring four more Nordic Film Days highlights in a single collector case. More

  • The Supporting Programme at the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck

    Nordic Film Days Lübeck is expanding on its function as a meeting point for the international media industry by providing an extensive support programme for industry representatives and journalists. Read more: More

  • Catherine Flemming and Ronald Zehrfeld on the Jury for the NDR Feature Film Award

    A high-carat jury of German and Scandinavian actors and actresses, producers and directors decides on the winner of the NDR Award for Best Feature Film on 5th November at the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck. The annual prize is endowed with 12,500 euros and has been awarded to films of exceptional artistic quality since 1990. More

  • Films From the Faeroe Islands and “the New Miguel Alexandre” as Specials

    Four exceptional short films from the Faeroe Islands put the focus of the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck Specials section onto a Scandinavian film region that has hitherto been little noticed. More

  • Filmforum Shows Unique Docu-Portraits and Exceptional Productions from Northern Germany

    The German-Finnish co-production “Summer Window” by Hendrik Handloegten opens this year’s Filmforum, the north German section at Nordic Film Days Lübeck. Its protagonist (Nina Hoss) experiences true love in summertime Finland. More

  • Online now: Timetable and Nordic Film Days-App

    From now on Nordic Film Days’ programme is available online. At the same time a premiere is celebrated: For the first time, the new Nordic Film Days-App enables the access to the mobile festival website for smart phone users. More

  • Children’s and Youth Film Programme Features Nine German Premieres

    The children's and youth film programme at the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck sets a new record. Nine of the twelve feature films presented in the section "Films for Young Viewers" are German premieres. More

  • “Happy, Happy“ from Norway Opens 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck

    The feature film competition alone boasts eight German premieres and four world premieres at the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck, Europe's largest film festival for cinema from northern Europe, which presents 147 productions from Scandinavia, the Baltic Region and northern Germany from 2nd to 6th November. The opening film is "Happy, Happy", a tragicomedy from Norway and the debut film by director Anne Sewitzky. More

  • Feature Film Competition Shows Genre Variety from Northern Europe

    The 15 competing films at the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck comprise a great variety of genres including comedies, dramas, thrillers and romances, providing a precise and multi-faceted mood barometer of northern European society. More

  • Documentaries about Effects of the Economic Crisis and Historical Events

    The 28 contributions to the documentary film programme at the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck centre on the effects of the economic crisis on the people of northern Europe and on historical events whose consequences can still be felt today. More

  • Extension: Accreditation until October 21st 2011

    Until Friday, October 21st, the Nordic Film Days Lübeck will issue accreditation to specialist visitors. Interested members of film industries or press members are kindly requested to use the online accreditation on the Nordic Film Days website. More

  • CineStar Becomes Main Sponsor of NFL

    With immediate effect, the German CineStar Group is entering an extensive relationship with Nordic Film Days Lübeck as its new main sponsor. The cinema enterprise thus steps into the ranks of the Film Days’ most important partners. More

  • NDR Scandinavian Film Nights to Accompany 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck

    NDR Television is accompanying the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck with five Scandinavian Film Nights, throughout which it is showing nine outstanding films from Scandinavia. The programme of the Scandinavian Film Nights from 6th to 22nd November consists of thrilling literary adaptations of Swedish and Norwegian crime authors, contemporary Nordic history dramas, bizarre road movies and youth films from the High North. More

  • Programme Itinerary Published on October 20th

    The programme-itinerary of the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck will be published on Thursday, October 20th, 2011. Cineastes and festival guests can view the complete list of films and their screening times online, and can put together their own daily itinerary. More

  • NFL Highlights Released in German Cinemas

    The bizarre comedy "Simple Simon" from Sweden and the Finnish road movie "Lapland Odyssey" found their ways to the German film market among other highlights of last years' Nordic Film Days. More

  • Nordic Film Days party takes place on 4th November at Schuppen 6

    On 4th November, "Filmschuppen", the official Nordic Film Days Lübeck party, provides a unique opportunity for all film fans to celebrate with actors, directors and other festival guests from the high north. "Filmschuppen" begins on Friday, 4th November at 10pm, at Schuppen 6, An der Untertrave / corner Marienbrücke. More

  • “Lübeck Meetings” strengthen Nordic Film Days Lübeck as a media industry meeting point

    By providing film distributors, buyers and producers with the “Lübeck Meetings” support programme, Nordic Film Days Lübeck are expanding on their function as a meeting point for the international media industry. This year the “Lübeck Meetings” comprise a film market for Scandinavian productions yet to be distributed in Germany, as well as a conference of German and Scandinavian producers on the funding of international co-productions, a workshop with scriptwriters from Scandinavia and Germany and the accompanying media-pedagogical seminar. More

  • Retrospective dedicated to Lapland and Sami cinema

    Entitled "Films Under the Midnight Sun", the Retrospective at the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck is dedicated to the film region of Lapland and the manifold creative work of Sami directors. Besides international audience successes such as "Pathfinder" (1987), the programme includes obscure genre classics such as "Space Invasion of Lapland" (1958) and documentary road movies such as "Sami Daughter Joik" (2007). A silent film gala features George Schnéevoigt's literary adaptation "Lajla" (1929) with musical accompaniment. More

  • Film Days gain CITTI, Avis and NordwestLotto as new sponsors

    Nordic Film Days Lübeck boast three new sponsors this year: The wholesale business CITTI, the car rental service Avis and NordwestLotto Schleswig-Holstein are financially backing this year's festival. "We are very pleased to have CITTI, Avis and NordwestLotto on board," says Pia Walter, responsible for sponsoring at Nordic Film Days Lübeck. More

  • Festival Manager Christian Modersbach new on the team at Nordic Film Days Lübeck

    Festival Manager Christian Modersbach joins the team at this year’s Nordic
    Film Days Lübeck. Modersbach (40) takes over the managing sector previously
    run by Angela Buske, who switched to the municipal library of Lübeck on 15th
    September, where she is now in the position of acting manager. More

  • NFL Bridges Germany and Scandinavia

    From 2nd to 6th November 2011 Nordic Film Days Lübeck is presenting c 130 films from Northern Europe while functioning as a major North German meeting point for the media industry. The renowned film festival takes place for the 53rd time and continues to grow in its significance in bridging the gap between Germany and Scandinavia. More

  • NFL-winners to be released in German cinemas

    The bizarre musical comedy “Sound of Noise” and the social drama “Beyond” are two more award-winners from last year’s Nordic Film Days to be released on the German cinema market. More

  • Praise of Armin Mueller-Stahl’s unique achievement in the art of film

    The State Parliament of Schleswig-Holstein, Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein and Nordic Film Days Lübeck are dedicating a major retrospective to the actor, painter, writer and musician Armin Mueller-Stahl. "We would like to offer the people of Schleswig-Holstein the opportunity of getting to know our honorary citizen and his numerous talents," said President of Parliament Torsten Geerdts at the presentation of the retrospective programme in Kiel. More

  • NFL sends budding filmmakers to Norway

    Nordic Film Days Lübeck is an official partner of the international youth project "This Is My Story", for which adolescents from five European countries will make their own film next year, concentrating on a multicultural topic. Shooting will take place in Lillehammer, Norway, and the participants will receive professional guidance by graduates of the Norwegian film school "Den Norske Filmskolen". More

  • Norwegian Christmas film released in German cinemas after its premiere at Nordic Film Days

    “Home for Christmas” by Norwegian star director Bent Hamer (“Kitchen Stories”) is released in German cinemas on 2nd December, distributed by “Pandora Film”. The Christmas film caused quite a stir in the competition at the 52nd Nordic Film Days Lübeck and has been highly acclaimed by critics. More

  • Cinema release of Audience Award winning film

    At the 52nd Nordic Film Days Lübeck "The Good Heart" received the much-coveted LN Audience Award. Now the Icelandic tragicomedy by director Dagur Kári is being released in cinemas throughout Germany. In Germany the film is being exploited by the Munich-based distributor "Alamode Film", and has been well received by the press. More

  • “A Somewhat Gentle Man” released in Germany and acclaimed by critics

    Hans Petter Moland's tragicomedy "A Somewhat Gentle Man", which ran in the feature film competition at the 52nd Nordic Film Days Lübeck, is released in German cinemas on 9th December. Starring Stellan Skarsgård, this high-carat Norwegian production is distributed by the Berlin-based distribution company "Neue Visionen". More

  • Film Days Achieve Record Audience of 27,000

    The 52nd Nordic Film Days Lübeck has come to their end, boasting record audience figures. An audience of around 27,000 attended the film screenings and supporting programme of the renowned festival, thus topping last year’s figure of 24,000. “The main reason for this result lies in the addition of the Kolosseum as a new screening venue,” says Angela Buske, General Manager of Nordic Film Days Lübeck. More

  • Pernilla August’s “Beyond” wins NDR Award for Best Feature Film

    Pernilla August's social drama "Beyond", starring Noomi Rapace, has won the NDR Award for Best Feature Film, endowed with 12,500 euros, at the 52nd Nordic Film Days Lübeck. The adaptation of the bestselling novel by Susanne Alakoski about the difficult childhood of a refugee girl in 1970s Sweden convinced the jury "on account of its topicality and its radical intensity. More

  • The Award Winners of the 52nd Nordic Film Days

    A list of all award winners of the 52nd Nordic Film Days Lübeck you can find here: More