Catherine Flemming and Ronald Zehrfeld on the Jury for the NDR Feature Film Award

A high-carat jury of German and Scandinavian actors and actresses, producers and directors decides on the winner of the NDR Award for Best Feature Film on 5th November at the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck. The annual prize is endowed with 12,500 euros and has been awarded to films of exceptional artistic quality since 1990. The jury members include the German actress Catherine Flemming, currently starring in “Wunderkinder”, the German actor Ronald Zehrfeld, who got a big break with his starring role in Dominik Graf’s multi-part “In the Face of Crime”. Further members include the Swedish producer Ewa Karlström, who produced the successful TV series “Beck”, the director Lars Jessen from Kiel, who last directed the cinema film “Hochzeitspolka”, and the editor Angelika Paetow, head of the children’s and family Department at NDR. The NDR Award for Best Feature Film is presented within the framework of the Film Prize Night on 5th November at the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck. The other awards presented at the 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck are the LN Audience Award, the Baltic Films Prize, the Interfilm Church Prize, the Prize of the Children’s Jury, the Children’s & Youth Film Prize, the DGB Documentary Film Prize and the Cinegate Prize for the best short film.


The Jurys of 53rd Nordic Film Days Lübeck:

NDR Film Prize
Catherine Flemming (Actress, Germany)
Lars Jessen (Director, Germany)
Ewa Karlström (Producer, Germany)
Angelika Paetow (NDR Departement Children and Family, Germany)
Ronald Zehrfeld (Actor, Germany)

Baltic Films Prize
Zanda Dudina, Head of International Relations, The National Film Centre of Latvia
Ilona Jurkonyte, Festival Director, Kaunas International Film Festival Lithuania
Tristan Priimägi, Head of International Relations, Estonian Film Foundation

Interfilm Church Prize
Dr. Julia Helmke, Head of the Centre for Art and Culture of the Lutheran Church Hannover, Germany
Petra Kallies, Provost of the Church district Lübeck-Lauenburg, Lübeck, Germany
Juha Rajamäki, Head of the TV- and AV-Departement at the Center of Communication of the Lutheran Church Finland, Helsinki
Agris Sutra, Pastor of the Evangelic-Lutheran Christchurch Riga, Latvia

Documentary Film Prize
Bettina Fuchs (IG BAU), Birte Günther (DGB), Christa Kühn (IG Metall), Jürgen Kandulla (IG Metall), Michael Treder (ver.di), Edda Wolter (NGG)

Children’s and Youth Film Prize
Dick de Jonge, Managing Director Twin Film, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Marlon Kittel, Actor, Germany
Claudia Schröder, Managing Director Bremedia Produktion, Germany

Prize of the Children’s Jury
Anna-Sophie Hach (10 years)
Emma Sofie Kalinke (12 years)
Louis Strelow (10 years)
Joschua Sue (12 years)

Cinegate Prize
Alexandra Gramatke, ShortFilmAgency, Hamburg, Germany
Carolin Peter, Theaterdirector Filmhaus Lübeck, Germany
Ingo Hurlin, Member of the Friends of the Nordic Film Days, Lübeck, Germany