SnöänglarSnow Angels

Series, Sweden 2021, 2 x 58 Min., sw. OV, engl. st

When baby Lukas disappears at the age of five weeks on a blizzardy night just before Christmas, the lives of Jenni, Alice, and Maria become inextricably intertwined. Jenni, Lukas’ mother, is unstable and has no memory of the hours preceding the disappearance. She is overwhelmed by the demands of family life with her husband Salle and their five-year-old daughter Nicole, and self-medicates with pills. She worries that she might have killed her own child in the heat of the moment. Policewoman Alice is determined to find Lukas alive. She is ambitious and hopes to use this case to redeem herself for a mistake in a previous investigation. And Maria, a nurse, has dedicated her life to protecting children from their parents’ neglect. She followed Jenni during the pregnancy, so she is familiar with the mother’s issues. But she failed in her efforts to have Lukas placed with a foster family early on. This dramatic series unfolds in flashbacks that tell the story of Lukas and of three women who all want the same thing – to make amends for something.

Series Creator Mette Heeno

Director Anna Zackrisson

Screenplay Mette Heeno

Producer Georgie Mathew

Production Company Yellow Bird Aps, Magasin 1 , 10251 Stockholm, Mail:, Web:; Happy Ending Film Aps, Alhambravej 17, 1. th., 1826 Frederiksberg C, Mail:, Web:

World Sales REinvent StudiosKopenhagen, Mail:, Web:

Cast Eva Melander (Alice), Maria Rossing (Maria), Josefin Asplund (Jenni), Ardalan Esmaili (Salle)

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