First Time [The Time for All but Sunset - VIOLET]

First Time [The Time for All but Sunset - VIOLET]

Filmforum, Germany 2021, 50 Min., no dialogue

A young man is sitting on the metro as Hamburg’s cityscape passes by outside the window. Passengers come and go. Another man sits across from him. Stations appear and disappear in rhythm. Doors open and close. An orange-red sunset at the transition from day to night later turns purple. The two remain seated while the people around them go their disparate ways. A couple of furtive glances – a lot and nothing is happening simultaneously. That concentration sharpens the sight, small things come into focus and gain sensuality. A script of musical pieces, some of which only the audience hear, some which the passengers also hear, and that are interwoven with the soundscape of the subway ride. Nicolaas Schmidt’s work mixes video art with a romantic film, the documentary with the conceptual. It’s about listening to music, about romance, and kitsch, about the metro and always also about the cinematic experience.

Director Nicolaas Schmidt

Screenplay Nicolaas Schmidt

Producer Anne Döring, Nicolaas Schmidt

Cast Aaron Hilmer (Ray), Fynn Grossmann (Pär)

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