I Am

I Am

Filmforum, Germany 2021, 27 Min., ger. OV, engl. st

Noé lives alone in a secluded cabin in the forest. One day she finds a lifeless female android and reactivates it. A curious relationship develops between the two of them. Noé seems to enjoy the company, but then Ela begins to imitate Noé’s personality. A science-fiction drama about a not-so-distant future, artificial intelligence, and loss.

Director Jerry Hoffmann

Screenplay Florens Huhn

Producer Stella Flicker

Production Company Hamburg Media School GmbH, Finkenau 35, 22081 Hamburg, Mail: info@hamburgmediaschool.com, Web: www.hamburgmediaschool.com

Cast Sheri Hagen (Noé), Melodie Wakivuamina (Ela), Andreas Grötzinger (Unbekannter Mann)

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