ApstjärnanDer Affenstern / The Ape Star

Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden / Norway / Denmark 2021, 72 Min., sw. OV, engl. st, ger. voice over, 5 years and older

Jonna can’t remember her parents anymore, a testament to how long the girl has been living in an orphanage. While she enjoys the small community there, like all the other kids, she dreams of being part of a family. That she ends up finding a home with a talking lady gorilla surprises Jonna as much as anyone else. But soon the two are really having a lot of fun together – they both like chili peppers and love books. And as a jumble sale team they’re unstoppable. But the mayor has sinister plans and is after the property where the gorilla runs her junkyard. After “Gordon & Buffy” (2017), Linda Hambäck enchants yet again with a new piece of animation art. In charming, hand-drawn images full of warmth, her story relates the different ways we can experience feelings of security and protection. “Before I found you, I often sat alone beneath the Ape Star and longed for a child”, Gorilla says. “I knew that you were out there, and that I had to find you”.

Director Linda Hambäck

Screenplay Jan Vierth

Producer Linda Hambäck, Petter Lindblad

Production Company LEE Film Stockholm AB, Brännkyrkagatan 13, 118 20 Stockholm Mail: Mail: linda@leefilm.se, Web: www.leefilm.se

World Sales Attraction Distribution, 5455 De Gaspe Ave., H2T 3B3 Montreal, Mail: info@attractiondistribution.ca, Web: www.attractiondistribution.ca

Cast Rebecca Gerstmann (Jonna), Pernilla August (Gorilla), Melinda Kinnaman (Gerd), Stellan Skarsgård (Tord), Jack Bergenholz (Aron), Gunnar Bolin (Giovanni)


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