Sihja - Kapinaa ilmassa

Sihja - Kapinaa ilmassaSihja - die rebellische Elfe / Sihja, The Rebel Fairy

Children´s and Youth Films, Finland / The Netherlands / Norway 2021, 89 Min., fin. OV, engl. st, ger. voice over, 6 years and older

In the forest where Alfred spends his holidays, there’s something special in the air – the whispering of the wind and the mysterious rustling of the leaves. And then she’s suddenly crouching in his closet: Sihja – with dishevelled hair, wings on her back, and manners that really take some getting used to. The little fairy finds the things that people own, and how they act, strange and comical. In turn, her rambunctious energy quickly arouses distrust in people. What’s happening to the starlings is also quite strange. Alfred keeps finding more and more of them dead along the lanes of the small town. Does it have something to do with the new miracle fertilizer that promises a world without weeds, and is produced in the factory where his parents work? And what good are magical abilities if all they do is evoke hostility, which then leads to a dwindling confidence in your own powers? Among other things, Marja Pyykkö’s imaginative and shrewd film asks the question: How much space is there in the world for disorder?

Director Marja Pyykkö

Screenplay Kirsikka Saari, Jenni Toivoniemi

Producer Venla Hellstedt, Elli Toivoniemi

Production Company Tuffi Films Ltd., Vanha Talvitie 2A 12, 00580 Helsinki, Mail:, Web:

World Sales Dutch Features, Hogeweg 56 D, 2042 GJ Zandfort, Mail:, Web:

Cast Elina Patrakka (Sihja), Justus Hentula (Alfred), Elmer Bäck (Eerik), Elena Leeve (Riia), Eero Ritala (Perttu), Pirjo Lonka (Lisbeth), Paola Bärlund (Emma)


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