Lyckad upptining av herr Moro

Lyckad upptining av herr MoroSuccessful Thawing of Mr. Moro

Nordic Shorts, Sweden 2021, 14 Min., sw., luganda OV, engl. st

After being cryogenically frozen for 43 years, Milos’ partner Adrian can be thawed out – a new cure has been developed. His upcoming return to life evokes distorted images of memories and fears. In the twilight between dream and reality, Adrian’s dripping frozen body appears as a vampire hanging from the ceiling. With a melancholy look, Milo tries to delay the thawing process.

Director Jerry Carlsson

Screenplay Jerry Carlsson

Producer Frida Mårtensson

Production Company Verket Produktion AB12627 Stockholm, Mail:, Web:

World Sales Premium Films, 6, rue Desargues, 75011 Paris, Mail:, Web:

Cast Richard Sseruwagi (Milo), Doreen Ndagire (Siri), Lisette T. Pagler (Pepa), Margaretha Dalhamn (Pepas Kollegin)

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