Nordic Shorts, Estonia 2020, 20 Min., engl., eston. OV, engl. st

The door is open and the customer, an old woman, is dead on the floor. Food delivery man Chia flees frantically on his bike. The next day, he is sent to the same address again. The money he finds there is a temptation, since his sick mother in his distant homeland urgently needs financial assistance. An offbeat death watch between pangs of conscience and magical realism.

Director Lauri Niemelä

Screenplay Lauri Niemelä

Producer Kertu Viira

Production Company Baltic Film and Media SchoolTallinn University, Sütiste Rd. 21, 13419 Tallinn, Mail:, Web:

Cast Cyprien Chiatoh (Chia), Külli Teetamm (Tiina Tamm), Katrin Nielsen (Piret Tamm)


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