Margrete den første

Margrete den førsteMargrete - Queen of the North

Competition Narrative Films, Denmark / Sweden / Norway / Iceland / Czech Republic 2021, 110 Min., dan. OV, engl. st

In 1402, Queen Margrete has achieved the peaceful union of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. She rules this confederation together with her young, adopted son, Erik. The Kalmar Union has enemies both within and without, and Margrete plans a marriage between Erik and an English princess. An alliance between England could secure the Union’s status as a rising European power. For Margrete faces a conspiracy to undermine her power and delegitimize the Union. “Margrete – Queen of the North” brings the faraway past to life, enlivening and enriching the historical events through a vivid re-enactment of daily life at the time, while also bearing reference to the current day. The result is a portrait of an emancipated woman who is willing to continually question her political ideals and her morals, but who holds on to her power above all—including resorting to violence when necessary.

Director Charlotte Sieling

Screenplay Jesper Fink, Maya Ilsøe, Charlotte Sieling

Producer Birgitte Skov, Lars Bredo Rahbek

Production Company SF Film Production ApS SF Studios Denmark, Wildersgade 8, 1408 Kopenhagen, Mail:, Web:

World Sales REinvent StudiosKopenhagen, Mail:, Web:

Distributor Splendid Film GmbH, Alsdorfer Str. 3, 50933 Köln, Mail:, Web:

Cast Trine Dyrholm (Margrete I.), Morten Hee Andersen (Erik), Søren Malling (Peder), Jakob Oftebro (Mann aus Graudenz) Bjørn Floberg (Asle Jonsson), Magnus Krepper (Johan Sparre), Thomas W. Gabrielsson (Jens Due)


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