PARIS kein Tag ohne dich

PARIS kein Tag ohne dichPARIS not a day without you

Filmforum, Germany / France 2020, 104 Min., ger., frz. OF, engl. UT

Paris, 1975. Out of the blue, German art student Ulrike Schaz and her French boyfriend are arrested at a party. Three people, including two French intelligence officials, were shot dead not far from the gathering. Ulrike is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and gets caught in the machinations of counterintelligence. She is labelled a terrorist, an accomplice of Carlos the Jackal, and a member of the Baader-Meinhof gang. She is expelled from France and harassed by German officials. The incident gets written in indelible ink in her biography as well as her police file ... In a multi-layered reappraisal, the filmmaker returns to Paris and meets her friends from the past. An artistic, essayistic work of remembrance that traces a moment that will forever carry a before and after.

Director Ulrike Schaz

Screenplay Ulrike Schaz

Producer Melanie Andernach

Production Company MADE IN GERMANY Filmproduktion GmbH, Richard Wagner Straße 12, 50674 Köln, Mail:, Web:


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