Veealused karid

Veealused karidRiffe unter Wasser / Rocks Under Water

Retrospective, Estonia 1959, 75 Min., eston. OV, engl. st

Tõnis Hoopkaup is the head of a fishing collective in Tagaranna, a village on the Estonian island of Saaremaa. On the day of his wedding to fishing engineer Riina, he receives two important presents – a new trawling net, which he hopes will help him sail past rival collectives, and a cigarette case with an anchor on it. The case reminds him of his soaring pre-war dreams, when he was in love with the daughter of the most powerful man in Tagaranna. But her hard-hearted father put paid to their wedding plans. Now the bookkeeper Lauer has moved into the old house with his sister Lidia, and Tõnis wants to get close to her, as close as he once was with his great love … The personal and professional misconduct of a functionary who risks foundering morals is at the centre of love triangle drama featuring a wealth of local colour and complex characters.

Director Viktor Nevežin

Screenplay Aadu Hindi, Andres Särev, nach einem Bühnenstück von Aadu Hindi

Festival Contact Estonian Film Institute - Eesti Filmi Instituut, Uus 3, 10111 Tallinn, Mail:, Web:

Cast Aksel Orav (Tõnis Hoopkaup), Agnessa Peterson (Riina Hoopkaup), Lia Laats (Lidia Lauer), Ants Eskola (Harald Lauer), Arno Suurorg (Linkvist), Ott Raukas (Tiudur), Aleksander Mägi (Pime-Juhan)

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