Kampen om Grønland

Kampen om GrønlandDer Kampf um Grönland / The Fight for Greenland

Competition Documentaries, Denmark / Greenland / Norway 2020, 98 Min., dan., greenl. OV, engl. st

Greenland has been a part of the Kingdom of Denmark since 1721. But calls for the island’s independence have become increasingly vocal, strengthened by decades of high rates of suicide and alcoholism. The four people we meet in the film represent the country’s opposing political currents. Rapper Josef Tarrak-Petrussen and his fiancée Paninnguaq Heilmann are proponents of Greenland detaching from Denmark and returning to Inuit culture. While campaigning for parliamentary elections, the filmmaker Kaaleeraq M. Andersen also calls for independence, while his rival Tillie Martinussen is an advocate of remaining a Danish territory, but under better conditions … In the end, it was Donald Trump, with his sinister offer to buy the island, who ensured unity in the fight for Greenland. It provoked the clarification that many people had long been waiting for from the Danish prime minister, who declared “Greenland belongs to the Greenlanders”.

Director Kenneth Sorento

Screenplay Kenneth Sorento

Producer Ulrik Gutkin

Production Company Copenhagen Film Company ApS, Flæsketorvet 75, 2, 1711 Kopenhagen, Mail: info@cphfilmcompany.dk, Web: https://cphfilmcompany.dk/

World Sales DR Sales, Emil Holms Kanal 20, 3-4, DK-0999 Kopenhagen C, Mail: drsales@dr.dk, Web: www.drsales.dk

Festival Contact Danish Film Institute, Gothersgade 55, 1123 Kopenhagen K, Mail: dfi@dfi.dk, Web: www.dfi.dk

Cast Josef Tarrak-Petrussen, Paninnguaq Heilmann, Kaaleeraq M. Andersen, Tillie Martinussen

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