BarnVorsicht, Kinder! / Beware of Children

Competition Narrative Films, Norway / Sweden 2019, 157 Min., norw., sw. OV, engl. st

During a break, the student Jamie is discovered unconscious out on the sports field. Classmates claim that thirteen-year-old Lykke, the daughter of a Labour Party M.P., attacked him with her school bag. Jamie is the son of a politician from a right-wing party. When the boy later dies in hospital, other versions of what happened that day begin to circulate. School principal Liv must try to puzzle together these conflicting points of view. This proves difficult for her since she’s the secret lover of Jamie’s widowed father … In this cinematic investigation, director Dag Johan Haugerud presents a cogent kaleidoscope of differing perceptions and considerations. The audience shares in the puzzle, with the “case” taking a series of surprising turns before the truth finally comes to light.

Director Dag Johan Haugerud

Screenplay Dag Johan Haugerud

Producer Yngve Sæther

Production Company Motlys AS, Sagveien 18, 0459 Oslo, Mail:, Web:

World Sales Picture Tree International GmbH, Husemannstr. 7, 10435 Berlin, Mail:, Web:

Cast Henriette Steenstrup (Liv), Jan Gunnar Røise (Anders), Thorbjørn Harr (Per Erik Lundemo), Brynjar Bandlien (Jan), Andrea Bræin Hovig (Eva), Ella Øverbye (Lykke), Hans Olav Brenner (Sigurd), Anne Marit Jacobsen (Torunn)


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