Den döende detektiven

Den döende detektivenDer sterbende Kommissar / The Dying Detective E1-3

Series, Sweden 2018, 3 x 60 Min., sw. OV, engl. st

LMJ is a legendary inspector. He is known as “the man who could see around corners”. A severe man, LMJ cannot cope with retirement. Instead of kicking back and relaxing, he gives young colleagues know-it-all tips and indulges in an unhealthy lifestyle. But a stroke puts Johansson in a wheelchair – from now on, vodka and fatty foods are supposed to be taboo. But he doesn't like the role of pensioner in need of care. No wonder that his old passion suddenly takes hold of him again when his doctor tells him about the murder of a nine-year-old girl that has remained unsolved for 25 years. Instead of resting and following the stoic nurse's instructions, LMJ, with the help of his former colleague Jeanette Eriksson and the Russian Max Makarov, returns to familiar turf to investigate the unsolved crime.

Series Creator Leif G.W. Persson, Sara Heldt

Director Kristian Petri

Screenplay Sara Heldt

Producer Maria Nordenberg

Production Company SVT - Sveriges Television, Web:

Distributor ZDF Enterprises GmbH, Mail:, Web:

Cast Rolf Lassgård (Lars Martin Johansson), Helena af Sandeberg (Jeanette Eriksson), Alexej Manvelov (Max), Henrik Norlén (Lewin), Per Svensson (Jarnebring), Angelika Prick (Matilda), Amanda Ooms (Ulrika Stenholm)


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