GöstaGösta E1-4

Series, Sweden 2019, 4 x 25 Min., schw. OF, engl. UT

Child psychotherapist Gösta is full of ambition and idealism when he takes his first job in the Swedish provinces. His philosophy of life – which is to please everyone, to mediate, to not make any hard decisions, and not to disappoint anyone – unites people around him who, to put it mildly, know how to take advantage of it. But a Syrian refugee, his own father, his long-distance relationship, and his patients eventually force Gösta to take action. Gösta finds it hard to set borders when his father shows up and makes himself at home in Gösta's apartment, banishing the Syrian to the attic. Gösta, driven by the socially prescribed kindness of a “do-gooder”, gets into comical situations as soon as the people around him satisfy their needs … With this comedy series, Lukas Moodysson takes aim at Sweden's “friendly” society.

Series Creator Lukas Moodysson

Director Lukas Moodysson

Producer Lars Jönsson

Production Company HBO Nordic AB, Web: www.hbonordic.com

World Sales REinvent StudiosKopenhagen, Mail: info@reinvent.dk, Web: www.reinvent.dk

Cast Vilhelm Blomgren (Gösta), Amy Deasismont (Melissa), Mattias Silvell (Göstas Vater/Father), Clara Christiansson (Drake/Saga), Regina Lund (Göstas Mutter/Mother), Gustav Berg (Jonas)


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