La Ciudad Oculta

La Ciudad OcultaThe Hidden City

Filmforum, Spanien / France / Germany 2018, 80 Min., span. OV, ger. st

Dark tunnels, damp sewers, supply shafts, railway tracks, and ventilation systems. Deep beneath every big city there is an almost endlessly branching network of infrastructure. Virtually unnoticed by the world above, these networks provide an essential service to modern society. In the glare of the flashlight, at first glance everything looks functional and necessary; at second glance, the symbolic subconscious of a city seems to come to the fore. A place of the suppressed and the uncanny; a bizarre space, illuminated by the lights of a passing train, it’s a space that workers in special suits share with rats, owls, and cats. This cinematographic journey takes us into a parallel world; we’re aware of its existence, but it nevertheless seems to have disappeared from our frame of reference. With its virtuoso images and dense sound design, "The Hidden City" comes across like a science-fiction movie.

Director Víctor Moreno

Screenplay Rodrigo Rodríguez, Víctor Moreno

Producer Dirk Manthey, José A. Alayon, Marina Alberti, Nayra Sanz Fuentes, Eva Chillon, Víctor Moreno

Production Company Dirk Manthey Film, Mail:, Web:


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