Let the Bell Ring

Let the Bell Ring

Filmforum, Germany / USA 2018, 90 Min., engl. OV, ger. UT

“Let the Bell Ring” follows Malcolm, a 23-year-old up-and-coming boxer, on his path to the “Golden Gloves”, the biggest amateur tournament in the US. Hoping it will be his ticket into the world of professional boxing, his dreams threaten to be shattered before they really get off the ground after he almost loses his first fight. Malcolm’s coach, Jessie, who is still mourning the end of his own boxing career, fears failing a second time. They drastically intensify the training, almost to the point of self-destruction. Are talent, passion, and hard work enough to get ahead in the ring? Using stylish visuals and a driving soundtrack to match, this film takes a look behind the scenes of amateur boxing in California. The classic boxer’s heroic journey becomes an intimate generational portrait of first and last hopes, loneliness, family, and yearning.

Director Christin Freitag

Screenplay Christin Freitag

Producer Tobias Siebert, Eva Kemme, Ansgar Frerich

Production Company Basis Berlin Filmproduktion GmbH, Mail: film@basisberlin.de, Web: www.basisberlin.de

Cast Malcolm McAllister, Jessie White, Ashton Sylve, Sincere Brooks, Adolph Pruitt, Lamon Brewster, Anita Evans


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