Baumbacher Syndrome

Baumbacher SyndromeBaumbacher Syndromes

Filmforum, Germany / Spanien 2019, 85 Min., ger., engl. OV

Max Baumbacher is the host of a late night TV show. He is used to success. But one morning when he awakes, his entire life has changed – his voice is suddenly unusually deep and almost magical. Soon, the world-wide fracas over the unexplained phenomenon, and his new fame become too much for Max. He flees to the seclusion of his manager’s villa in Spain. Far from public view, he tries to deal with the absurdity of his new life, but his peace and quiet is disturbed by the adventurous traveller Fida. When his depressive son from an earlier relationship shows up at his door, Max has to face not only his past, but also his own vanity.

Director Gregory Kirchhoff

Screenplay Gregory Kirchhoff

Producer Sophie Florentine Schüttfort, Matthias Greving, Gregory Kirchhoff

Production Company Kinescope Film GmbH, Mail:, Web:

Distributor W-film Distribution, Mail:, Web:

Cast Tobias Moretti (Max Baumbacher), Lenz Moretti (Damian), Elit Iscan (Fida), Richard Sammel (Bruno Frik), Karoline Schuch (Karoline Schuch)

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