Zu weit weg

Zu weit wegToo Far Away

Filmforum, Germany 2019, 89 Min., ger. OV, engl. st, accessible screening, 9 years and older, 9 years and older

Football fan Ben moves with his family to a nearby larger city when their village has to make way for a huge strip mine – the 12-year-old must say goodbye forever to his childhood home. In his new school, he is now the outsider. And even in the new football club things don't go as well as the talented forward had hoped. To top it all off, there is another newcomer at the school: Tariq, a refugee from Syria, who not only steals the show in class but also scores points on the football field. Ben feels sidelined, but he and his competitor have more in common than they like. Both have lost their homes and have to find their way in a new environment. A sensitive and adventurous story that speaks the same language as its young protagonist.

Director Sarah Winkenstette

Screenplay Susanne Finken

Producer Jonas Weydemann, Jakob D. Weydemann, Milena Klemke, Yvonne Wellie

Production Company Weydemann Bros. GmbH, Mail: info@weydemannbros.com, Web: www.weydemannbros.com

World Sales Studio Hamburg Enterprises GmbH, Web: www.studio-hamburg-enterprises.de

Distributor Farbfilm Verleih GmbH, Mail: info@farbfilm-verleih.de, Web: www.farbfilm-verleih.de

Cast Yoran Leicher (Ben), Sobhi Awad (Tariq), Anna König (Nane), Andreas Nickl (Sven), Julia Hirt (Isa), Mohamed Achour (Trainer Rainer)

Website www.weydemannbros.com/filme/zu-weit-weg

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