Filmforum, Germany 2019, 81 Min., ger. OV, engl. st

Hamburg, summer of 1988. A young bank employee balancing a rocker life with the daily conformity of suits is bored with his job. Then he discovers a security flaw at the respected private bank where he works – and in a clever coup, engineers the theft of millions, which goes unnoticed. By way of Frankfurt and Luxembourg, he and his accomplice abscond for Australia. If only the love of his life wasn't sitting unaware in Hamburg, and completely unwilling to follow with their son. His unfulfilled yearning turns his life in Australia into a gilded cage. Based on the true story of a previously unknown bank scandal, the film combines original interviews, animated sequences, and reenactments with a dry sense of humour. The different narrative and temporal planes intertwine and illuminate the attempt to break free of a conventional life.

Director Sven O. Hill

Screenplay Sven O. Hill

Producer Stephanie Rieß, Sven O. Hill

Production Company Salto Film UG

Cast Daniel Michel (Bankangestellter), Paula Kalenberg (Freundin), Tomasz Robak (Komplize), Rocko Schamoni (Rechtsanwalt), Laurens Walter (Nachbar), Fabienne Hollwege (Bankerin), Michael Ransberg (Bankangestellter Bahnsen)

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