Homs und ich

Homs und ichHoms Life

Filmforum, Germany 2019, 62 Min., ger. OV

Sulaiman Tadmory is 23 years old when Assad’s army surrounds the old city centre of Homs overnight. That morning, he awakens to a besieged city. He quickly learns what that means: no food, no medication, his family just a few hundred metres away, yet out of reach. Days become weeks; weeks become months. The bombs always miss him, if sometimes only by a hair, and the snipers have yet to shoot him. He doesn't notice exactly when it happens, but eventually he gets used to the constant fear of dying. What's more, he no longer knows what he should be more afraid of – dying or surviving. Amidst the backdrop of the destroyed city, he uses his camera to document his everyday life and the creative, but increasingly hopeless survival strategies of the city's inhabitants.

Director Sulaiman Tadmory, Stephan Löhr, Katharina Schiele

Screenplay Katharina Schiele, Stephan Löhr, Sulaiman Tadmory

Producer Bettina Wieselhuber

Production Company Norddeutscher Rundfunk

Cast Sulaiman Tadmory, Tom Schilling (Sprecher)


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