Weihnachten im Schnee

Weihnachten im SchneeChristmas in the Snow

Filmforum, Germany 2019, 90 Min., ger. OV

Christmas celebrations have their own set of rules. Even in the most loving of families, everything doesn't always go according to plan – especially when every family member is dealing with their own baggage. Like the Johnen family, who come together to celebrate in Hamburg every year. But just before the holidays, the three adult children get the news that this year's Christmas is taking place in a hut in snowy Norway. Old conflicts quickly break out in the tight quarters. Accountant Annika has doubts about her relationships with her son and husband, who are along on the trip; doctor Sanne actually wanted to celebrate with her secret lover; and their brother Bastian wants to hit up the parents for money. But their parents are behaving oddly, and soon it becomes clear that they are hiding something from their children...

Director Till Franzen

Screenplay Claudia Matschulla, Arnd Mayer

Producer Heike Wiehle-Timm, Paula Lichte

Production Company Relevant Film Produktionsgesellschaft mbH, Mail: info@relevantfilm.de, Web: www.relevantfilm.de

World Sales ZDF, Web: www.zdf.de

Cast Katharina Schüttler (Annika), Ulrike Kriener (Gitta), Rainer Bock (Henri), Inez Bjørg David (Sanne), Anton Spieker (Bastian), Janek Rieke (Christoph), Luke Matt Röntgen (Simon), Carsten Björnlund (Morten), Wencke Myhre (Finja)

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