PelikanblutPelican Blood

Filmforum, Germany 2019, 121 Min., ger. OV, engl. st

Wiebke lives with her nine-year-old adopted daughter, Nicolina, on an idyllic horse farm. After years of waiting, the horse trainer adopts another girl, five-year-old Raya from Bulgaria. The first weeks are smooth sailing, but a little later Wiebke notices that shy Raya is changing. She has difficulty accepting interpersonal rules and is unable to build emotional bonds. As Raya's behaviour escalates, she puts herself and others – including Nicolina – in danger. A neurologist suspects Raya's illness is incurable, and Wiebke has to decide whether or not to keep the child. Obsessed with the idea of healing Raya, Wiebke isolates herself more and more, even from her lover Benedict. The only possible solution to the conflict appears to involve making an unusual sacrifice.

Director Katrin Gebbe

Screenplay Katrin Gebbe

Producer Verena Gräfe-Höft, Mila Voinikova

Production Company Junafilm UGc/o HTTV Produktion, Mail:, Web:

Distributor DCM Film Distribution GmbH, Mail:, Web:

Cast Nina Hoss (Wiebke), Katerina Lipovska (Raya), Adelia-Constance Giovanni Ocleppo (Nicolina), Yana Marinova (Sigrid), Murathan Muslu (Benedict), Samia Muriel Chancrin (Henrietta)


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