SlagskämpenInside Man - Der Mann aus der Kälte / The Inside Man

Retrospective, Sweden / Great Britain 1984, 93 Min., engl. OV, sw. st

After a Soviet nuclear submarine runs aground on the Swedish coast, engineer Paul Mandell develops, with the help of the Americans, a laser device that can locate submarines underwater. But after successful tests of the locator, it is stolen. The head of Sweden’s intelligence agency, Stig Larson, suspects an inside job and inserts ex-navy sailor Thomas Kallin into Mandell’s inner circle. The young man realizes too late that he is nothing but a pawn in a battle of international intelligence services … This thriller, based on true events, strives for authenticity. In the tradition of John le Carré’s “The Spy Who Came in from the Cold”, the film unmasks the cynical conduct of spy agencies. With international stars in the leads, “The Inside Man” couples its critical observations with an action-packed plot in classic 1980s style.

Director Tom Clegg

Screenplay Alan Plater, nach dem Roman von Harry Kullman

Producer Ingemar Ejve, Björn Henricson, Calvin Floyd

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Cast Dennis Hopper (Miller), Hardy Krüger (Mandell), Gösta Ekman (Stig Larson), David Wilson (Baxter), Kåre Mölder (Thomas Kallin), Celia Gregory (Theresa Hagen), Lill Lindfors

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