Brent av frost

Brent av frostVerbrannt vom Frost / Burnt by Frost

Retrospective, Norway 1997, 93 Min., norw. OV, engl. st

Fisherman Simon was active in the resistance during World War II. He fought against the Germans alongside Russian partisan Lasov. After the war, Simon visits his wartime friend in the Soviet Union, where he is recruited by the KGB and trained as a spy. His first mission is to gather intelligence about the NATO base near his home village in the Finnmark region. But the village neighbours take notice and Simon becomes an outsider in the small community … In an associative montage, Knut Erik Jensen couples the story of a secret agent’s path, based on the historical figure of fisherman Selmer Nilsen, with documentary footage that ranges from the Red Army liberation of the Finnmark to the fall of the Berlin Wall. The director paints a positive portrait of the character of a traitor who feels more allegiance to the Finnmark than to the Norwegian state.

Director Knut Erik Jensen

Screenplay Alf R. Jacobsen, Knut Erik Jensen

Producer Jan-Erik Gammleng

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Cast Stig Henrik Hoff (Simon), Gørild Mauseth (Lillian), Morten Andresen (Offizier), Iris Johansen (Hedvik), Katja Medbøe (Mutter), Jurij Orlov (KGB-Offizier), Ketil Høegh (Einar)


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