MotforestillingGegenvorstellung / Remonstrance

Retrospective, Norway 1972, 97 Min., norw. OV, ger. st

Who is a friend? Who is an enemy? The confusion of 1970s détente policies are reflected in this unusual film experiment made by Norwegian multi-disciplinary avant-garde artist Erik Løchen. At the heart of “Remonstrance” is a film crew working on a drama about secret alliances and political assassinations. Løchen – the grandfather of director Joachim Trier (“Thelma”, NFL 2017) – couples that narrative with a second level, on which the actors behind the film production step forward, so the film takes on the character of a labyrinth. But Løchen is most inspired by Jean-Luc Godard, although the Norwegian director far outstrips his idol in terms of radicalness. He has structured the “plot” in such a way that the five reels of his film can be shown in any order, meaning that there are 125 possible versions of “Remonstrance”.

Director Erik Løchen

Screenplay Erik Løchen

Producer Jan Erik Düring

Festival Contact Norwegian Film Institute, Mail:, Web:

Cast Per Theodor Haugen (Schauspieler), Espen Skjønberg (Regisseur), Anne Marie Ottersen (Filmteam), Geir Børresen (Soldat), Rolv Wesenlund (Mann), Unni Bernhoft (Journalistin)


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