Vaikai iš „Amerikos“ viešbučio

Vaikai iš „Amerikos“ viešbučioDie Kinder vom Hotel Amerika / The Children from the Hotel “America”

Retrospective, Lithuania 1990, 89 Min., lith. OV, engl. st

His friends call the 17-year-old “Džageris”, more or less the Lithuanian version of “Jagger” and, in fact, he’s a big fan of the Rolling Stones and also plays guitar in a band. He and his clique hang out at a former high-end hotel in Kaunas, the Hotel Amerika. It’s a refuge where they can listen to rock music on western radio stations. But when they send a fan letter to Radio Luxembourg, it is intercepted by state censors. When they set about celebrating their own private Woodstock, the militia steps in … The self-immolation of 19-year-old dissident Romas Kalanta in May 1972 hovers in the background of this film about the conflict between a youthful desire for freedom and the sclerotic political machine of Soviet Lithuania. It is fascinating even now, not least of all due to the authentic acting of its young cast and the rousing rock music.

Director Raimundas Banionis

Screenplay Maciejus Drygas

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Cast Augustas Šavelis ("Džageris"), Gabija Jaraminaitė (Rina), Jūratė Onaitytė (Rinas Mutter), Jurga Kasčiukaitė (Inga), Gediminas Karka (Tėvukas), Linas Paugis ("Fazanas"), Rolandas Kazlas ("Šoferis"), Giedrius Čaikauskas ("Mažius")


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