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S 1

Retrospective, Germany 1913, 60 Min., silent, ger. it

After a German air cruiser crashes, General von Hessendorff is in Copenhagen to acquire construction plans for a new airplane. His daughter Getrud has accompanied him on the trip. She is secretly engaged to Count Baldini – but has no idea that he is spying for a foreign power. Through Gertrud, connects with the inventor, Johnson, and buys a copy of the plans. When Gertrud finds out, she is faced with a conflict between her love of her fatherland and loyalty to her beloved … Personal and political secrets provide suspense in this German-Danish espionage melodrama, set amidst the arms build-up in the European “homelands” before World War I. It opened after the German war minister had already called for a ban on all spy movies for the sake of the country’s security.

Live music and silent film concert with the sounds of Lübeck’s TroubaDuo, with Jana Nitsch on the accordion and Marcus Berthold on the 5-string fiddle.

Director Urban Gad

Screenplay Urban Gad, nach einem Bühnenstück von E. Pagani

Producer Paul Davidson

Festival Contact DFF - Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum e.V., Mail: kino@dff.film, Web: www.deutsches-filminstitut.de

Cast Asta Nielsen (Gertrud von Hessendorf), Siegwart Gruder (General von Hessendorf), Charly Berger (Graf Baldini), Paul Meffert (Johnson), Herr Sachs (Baron Adeler) Mary Scheller (Baronin Adeler)

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