Children´s and Youth Films, Sweden 2019, 85 Min., sw. OV, engl. st, 14 years and older

Sanna is a fashion addict and has nothing against perfect strangers watching her try on clothes. Johan is a fan of automatic weapons and proudly demonstrates their use on YouTube. Mikaela would like a set of new, bigger breasts, which would allow her to get out of bed and conquer L.A. My is 12 and is already an influencer – she posts her consumer tips from her location on the cancer ward. Using the narrative device that a mysterious virus has gripped a group of teenagers, “PewPewPew” gives us a(n admittedly) hyperbolic model of how young people portray themselves on social media. This debut film by director Sergey Vasiliev, who grew up in Sweden, is also entirely saturated with that online aesthetic. It succeeds in a contemporary portrayal of the teenage yearning for confirmation of their own identity through the eyes of others, without demonizing the “kids” as addlebrained victims of the media.

Director Sergey Vasiliev

Screenplay Sergey Vasiliev

Producer Sergey Vasiliev

Production Company A Dog That Bites, Mail:, Web:

Cast Sigrid Beckmann (My), Hedda Berg (Mikaela), Ian Henri (Axel), Karl Barwe Paul (Johan), Matilda Paulsson (Sanna)


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