KuToppenKuhToppen / Cattle Hill

Children´s and Youth Films, Norway 2018, 65 Min., norw. OV, engl. st, ger. voice over, 6 years and older

Clara dreams of becoming a rock star like her father. But when the young, talent-free city calf visits her bull of a dad on his farm, she finds out he’s far from famous – rather he suffers from mad cow disease. Since experiencing a lightening strike, he seems fearful and paranoid. He can’t even manage to produce the 100 apple cakes that he would have to bake to be allowed to stay on the farm. So it’s a good thing that Clara herself does possess some confectionary skills. And with the help of the hen Chickolina and other friendly neighbours of the field, Clara even manages to banish the enigmatic enemy that scares her father so much … Curtain up for Clara, the coolest little calf in the North! In the end, she is the real star of this excursion to the country. The beloved farm characters of the Dyreparken zoo and amusement park in Norway’s Kristiansand were animated for a brief stint on the big screen.

Director Lise I. Osvoll

Screenplay Anne Elvedal

Producer Ingvild Evjemo

Production Company Qvisten Animasjon, Mail: qvisten@qvisten.no, Web: www.qvisten.no

World Sales New Europe Film Sales, Mail: festivals@neweuropefilmsales.com, Web: www.neweuropefilmsales.com

Festival Contact Norwegian Film Institute, Mail: post@nfi.no, Web: www.nfi.no

Cast Henriette Faye-Schøll (Klara), Fridtjov Såheim (Mosk), Jan Martin Johnsen (Bernt), Mats Eldøen (Gaute), Marit A. Andreassen (Chickolina), Bjarte Tjøstheim (Fobetron), Sigrid Bonde Tusvik (Kari)


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